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reminder455 Ч cli remind application. it shows table, which displays how many days left to fixed events.

major features of program:

  • possibility to export to html
  • possibility to use external css-file
  • tiny size
  • great speed
  • easy to use
  • effective in autorun

you can add program to autorun during every boot with key enabling generation html-page. you should set this page as default browser's home page. now, every time you start browser you can see days before important events. you'll never miss no one of them.

here is only approximate sequence of actions which take place during work of program. different keys change it.

  1. program analyzes command line keys
  2. program reads data-file
  3. program analyzes data line-by-line
  4. program calculates next signal-date for every event(such as anniversary of birthday)
  5. program sorts signal-dates and render resulting table
  6. if needed, program exports resulting table to html-page.

remark: program does not support keys consolidation. you should avoid using keys such as -xs. you should use them in this way: -x -s

command line keys
short name wide name description
-h --help prints short help message about purpose and usage of program
-x --xhtml enables export to html
-s --silent suppresses output to console
-p --pause pauses program before exit
-v --verbose prints additional information to console
-l <count> --lines <count> sets <count> of lines in resulting table
-d <file> --data-file <file> reads data from <file> instead default "events.txt"
-c <file> --css-file <file> reads css-data from <file> instead internal
-o <file> --output-file <file> outputs html-code to <file> instead default "out.html"

input data-file is plain text file. it consists of lines, which describe events.


<event name>;<event date>;<repeat period>;


<my birthday>;<01.01.2000>;<y1>;

if first character of line is ";" then this line considered as comment

repeat period sets period of repeat of event. it consists of tokens, separated with commas. may consists of one or more tokens.

format of repeat period


each token consists of character and digit without spaces. character indicates period and digit indicates count of this periods.

acceptable characters

y - years

m - months

d - days


y1 - event repeats every year

m5 - event repeats every 5 months

y1,d1000 Ч event repeats every year and every 1000 days


pedantic verification of data not implemented in this program. format of data is strict. to avoid calculation errors, please, consider this:

  • do not use html-tags in events names when exporting to html. on the other hand, this is potentially interesting field to experiments
  • do not use additional spaces. they are allowed only in event name
  • format of date also strict. it is:

there is possibility to link external css-file to improve outlook of generated html-page. there are some additional css-selectors:

  • .d3 Ч 3 days before event
  • .d2 Ч 2 days before event
  • .d1 Ч event is today or tomorrow
  • .gened Ц date of creating page
  • #content Ч content block

support, questions, suggestions, Е everything about reminder455 you can mail to fatINbraIN[at]tut[dot]by. answer is expected, but not guarantied.